Omya Is Dedicated to Support Your Efforts to Match Your Various, and Sometimes Contradictory Objectives. the Use of Calcium Carbonate Fillers Can Make Your Products More Sustainable, Optimize Their Functionalities and Improve Your Profitability.


Adhesives & Sealants

Our products are capable of modifying rheology, improving bond strength, or reducing water demand. Typical applications of adhesives & sealants are in construction, transportation, packaging, woodworking, tapes, and numerous industrial assembly applications.



Joint Development with Clariant - AddWorks IBC 760

An innovative label-free light & heat stabilizer solution for the SMP sealant market. A product of Clariant and Omya's joint technical expertise.
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Weight Reduction With Omyaspheres

Omya is extending its lightweight fillers portfolio with closed-cell expanded perlites and hollow glass microspheres.
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Process Optimization With Moisture Controlled Calcium Carbonates

One of the big challenges of the formulator is the right choice of adequate raw materials to fulfill his customer's needs. Omya’s moisture controlled fillers help to increase capacity, cut on energy cost, and produce more stable products.
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Your Polymer – Our Calcium Carbonate Offer

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Mechanical Performance 

High filler levels of up to 60% can be realized (for example in sealants), thus allowing savings on polymers, usually the performance but also cost driver. To maintain the mechanical requirements a careful choice of fillers is necessary. Particle size and distribution has a major influence on bond strength and modulus.
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Effect of Surface Treatment
Natural Calcium Carbonates are hydrophilic. For use in polymeric systems we can modify the surface to become hydrophobic. These grades we call ‘treated’ (T) grades.
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Whether you are looking for anti-sagging properties and/ or good workability, the particle size distribution of the filler is a key property to influence these requirements. Generally the finer the particles the higher is the influence on the rheological performance.
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Strong Bonds - Performance Calcium Carbonates for Adhesives & Sealants

Besides Natural Ground Calcium Carbonates Omya offers also precipitated and modified versions of this versatile mineral. From coarse to fine, treated and untreated, the desired functionality is key for the choice of the most suitable grade.

Most Omya products are manufactured and supplied locally in order to minimize your logistic cost. Our specialties are produced at selected sites and shipped regionally or even globally.

Sustainability at Omya

In 2015, the world leaders adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development with 17 sustainable development goals and 169 associated targets. For Omya, the SDG’s are a drive to direct our sustainability efforts.
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Omya carefully observes the regulatory frame of the industry. Our moisture controlled Calcium Carbonates can help to meet the new up-coming CLP limits for VTMO (<1%).
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Supporting the Circular Economy Objectives

In many applications adhesives & sealants are often used to prolong the life cycle of a product.
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Low Carbon Footprint

Ground Calcium Carbonate is a natural mineral that has a lower carbon footprint than for example the polymers in use. Using filler improves your environmental footprint.
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Take for example parquet adhesives. With the combination of ultrafine and coarser fillers you can achieve the rheological and mechanical performance needed at low polymer contents which is typically the cost driver in a formulation.
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Our Calcium Carbonates are alternatives to mineral fillers & pigments with high oil absorption.

Typically, the finer the particle size the higher the oil absorption.

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Our Calcium Carbonates with their low abrasiveness improve the workability of adhesives & sealants, leading to an increased work life of application tools and less energy consumption in automatized application processes.
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Our low moisture Calcium Carbonates are ready to use: no filler pre-drying, low temperature mixing, reduced cooling times bring along high production capacity and lower energy cost: produce at low temperature to shorten mixing and cooling times (for example from 160 to 15 min).
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In addition to our wide range of Calcium Carbonate products, Omya offers a selection of complementary products from leading suppliers of specialty chemicals:
  • Flame Retardants
  • Dispersing Agents
  • Rheology Modifiers
  • TiO2
  • Other Additives
Please get in touch for local product availability or technical assistance. 
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How Our Lives Would Be Without Adhesive & Sealants

Have a look at the eye-opening video below by FEICA to see how our lives would be without adhesives & sealants. FEICA is a multinational association representing the European adhesive and sealant industry.
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Omyabond 120 – Outstanding Performance Mineral for Reactive Adhesives & Sealants

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A Successful Joint Venture With Shiraishi

Our product offer for ultrafine precipitated Calcium Carbonate.
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Omya Flex - the Tailored Silo Solution for Omya Products

This solution allows our customers to easily transition from bag to bulk product handling and offers flexible financing options and a range of customizations.
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Omyasmart Technology – Smart, Safe, Multifunctional
Omyasmart embodies the technologies developed for stabilization of water-based applications. 

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Omya Applied Technology Services
With 3 technology hubs in Switzerland, USA and Singapore, we serve our customers globally. Our labs are well equipped, especially for reactive adhesives & sealants.
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